I Have Lower Income but I Need Help Searching for Used Cars in Michigan

by Kyle Ralph
"I need a car I can afford!" Used cars can be an affordable alternative when looking into buying a reliable vehicle, especially if you are a Michigan resident that has a lower income because it is simple to get used cars for a low price. Searching for one can be challenging, especially if you don't know what you're looking for.

What to Look for In a Used Car

Lower Income Help Searching for Used Cars Get your moneys worth. Used cars are vehicles that were previously owned. Cheaper? Yes, considerably. There is a tradeoff to the smaller price tag - miles have been put on the odometer along with some wear and tear. With that said, you will get more value out of a used car than you would out of a brand new one. Used cars still depreciate over time, but at a slower rate than with the new vehicle. New cars depreciate in value the moment you drive them off the lot. Look at cars about two years prior to the current model year - that's where you will most likely get the most bang for your buck. Another great thing about modern day cars is that they are built to last for 100,000 miles or more. It is a lot easier to find a second hand vehicle that you like that is in fantastic mechanical and cosmetic shape. Most dealerships provide some sort of warranty plan for certified used vehicles. There may be a fee for that, but you're still saving money in the long run.

Save money on additional fees. You will save on sales tax due to the reduced sales price. The sales tax rate is still 6%, but 6% of a $12,000 vehicle will always be less than that of a $24,000 vehicle. Lower registration fees are a plus as well. For the first three years of a vehicle's life, the registration fee is at its highest, but it goes down each year until the fifth year, at which point it equalizes.

Finally, the other perk of financing a car used is that unlike new cars, dealers can't get away with adding on pointless items such as "Destination" and "Dealer Preparation" charges.

You might be looking at a used car and see that the stereo is outdated. Yes, you might feel the urge to go for that new vehicle with all the added frills, but did you know that you can get a lot of those upgrades done by a third party at a much lower price? Having realistic expectations of a used vehicle is key.

I Have a Lower Income than Most. How Can I Get Financing?

Here at Smart Car Finder, we can help residents find local Michigan car deals get the financing needed, for either the purchase of a privately owned used vehicle or a used vehicle from a dealership.

Ok. Now Where Can I Find Used Cars to Purchase?

At Smart Car Finder, we have teamed up with dealers and you can do your search for used vehicles though our site to find the best deal for you with our online application. When you decide that you will want to purchase a vehicle online you will find no better place.

When it comes down to it, whether it's a financing dilemma such as lower income you have to worry about or searching for used cars for sale, Smart Car Finder may be able to help you in your car searching journey.