What Is My Chance that Dealerships in my Area will Provide Car Financing for Bad Credit and No Deposit

by Kyle Ralph
You might ask yourself the question: "Times are rough, and I have bad credit. Is there a chance that I can find a car dealership in my area that will provide financing to me without any kind of deposit or down payment?" To be honest, you always benefit from having a down payment. If you have the money available to provide a down payment, by all means do so. In addition to showing that you are a serious buyer, it will reduce the amount you need financed on your vehicle - thus reducing your payment amount, and may also help you in getting better interest rates and terms on your loan, saving you money.

The answer is yes, you can...but consider all of your options first.

Dealerships in my Area will Provide Car Financing for Bad Credit and No Deposit If you can't get prime financing and don't have money for a down payment, you have a few options:

  1. If you have a vehicle to trade in, you can typically use that instead of cash.
  2. You could look around your home to see if you have any assets you could liquidate to raise the funds for a down payment, or
  3. Try a bad credit cheap auto loan with zero down. These loans will have a higher interest rate due to the terms.

Here at SmartCarFinder.com, we can help you with your bad credit dilemmas. We specialize in getting the best rate possible for those with bad credit without any sort of down payment or deposit. So ease your mind, because now you can find a car in your area to fit your needs.

Dealership financing? You don't need that now. When you use SmartCarFinder.com, you don't need to get financing through the dealership to get a good deal. What you can do is apply for a loan online and once approved, you can go to your local dealership you like to find the right vehicle for you. Less hassle and less time waiting around at the dealership is always a plus. You will need: proof of your income (typically your last two paystubs), proof of residency in either the United States or Canada, be at least 18 years of age, any paperwork from Bankruptcy proceedings if there is one on record, and no repossessions of any cars within the past year unless it was included in the aforementioned bankruptcy.

You may even be able to find a vehicle you like right here!

In addition to financing, there are hundreds of automobiles to buy for cheap that might be right for you here. We work with dealerships in order to further reduce your time looking for something and get you into a new vehicle faster.

So if you have bad credit, don't have the money for a deposit and feel like you're in a bind, you can ease your mind knowing that there are people out there that can help you find the right financing for you, as well as help you find the right vehicle as well.