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Check Out 7 Great Trucks and SUVs for Camping
April 23, 2014
The Best Mid-Size Sedans
January 20, 2014
Probably the most common vehicles we see every day on the road will be the mid-size sedans. They are what most of us drive because they are the most practical. They do not take up too much space, but will also have some extra room to transport multiple people or some smaller furniture or whatever you may need.
Buy a Used Car Under $8,100
January 17, 2014
Not everyone has unlimited funds when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Actually most of us have a very limited amount of funds when we want to go make our next used car purchase. When you are cheap car shopping you might have a decent chunk of change and want to make the most out of it.
Ford's Experimental Solar Panel Car
January 16, 2014
In an attempt to step forward in a technological and environmentally conscious world, Ford will be unveiling a new concept car: the C-Max Solar Energi.
Top Fast Cars to Buy Used
January 14, 2014
The sports car; sleek and elegant with form and grace. Many want that kind of excellence in their life. For those in the market for a nice and affordable fast used car, you may be wondering what is out there and if you can get it even if you have poor credit. Here are the top five fast cars to buy used.
Car Dealers that Buy Cars
January 08, 2014
What happens to our cars when we no longer need them? Well we sell them of course! Not everyone is into the idea of taking the time trying to sell their vehicle on their own and I don't blame them because it is a pain. What's the alternative then? Well unless your vehicle is just a hunk of junk worth only its amount in scrap you sell it to a dealership!